Combine soft and hard enamel on one pin

Have you ever considered to have soft enamel and hard enamel together in one pin?You may wondering that it this possible to put 2 style together in 1 pin?

Well, most pin maker may consider it impossible, but with PINSBUY.COM you can remove that big question mark away from your mind. It is absolute no problem to combine hard enamel with soft enamel in one single pin. It is super easy, just complete the hard enamel part then complete soft enamel part one by one. This is how it was made in detail:

  1. Pin design
  2. Mold
  3. Rough pin
  4. Needles on
  5. Polish
  6. Hard Enamel colors on
  7. Second time polish
  8. Soft Enamel Colors on
  9. Plating

Same as all of the hard enamel pin & soft enamel pin. Soft & Hard Enamel pin start from the design. A mold was made to turn metal into rough pin. After needles on, the rough pin will goes to first time polish. After pin surface is clean and all burrs moved, it goes to put hard enamel color on. Make sure all hard enamel part is full filled with colors then goes to second time polish. Now the hard enamel part work is done and time to full fill soft enamel colors. Once all colors on goes to last step- plating.

The key to make a perfect hard & soft enamel combined pin is to ensure when polish hard enamel part, do not hurt the soft enamel part. In order to avoid this, make sure hard enamel part complete entirely right before soft enamel colors on.

After go through the same & difference between hard enamel pin and soft enamel pin I think you already know how to choose pin style for you pin designs right now.

Based on our data, all most all independent pin designers prefer hard enamel pin for its clean,  shiny & luxury looking. Further more, in order to have a unique and eye catching pin, many pin designers intend to add extra options on pin, something like chains, gemstones, led lights.

Talk is cheap, let’s do it right now.  Make your first pin on PINSBUY.COM with a up to 30% discount.

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