Do Medals Matter?


Where would the world be without trophies? Think about it… The sports industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that is more lucrative than most business industries. Athletes dedicate the best part of their lives to perfecting their ball kicking and ball chasing abilities and for what? So that they can enjoy being handed a big metal cup (read trophy) at the end of the season?

You see, a trophy, no matter how ugly it may seem, is essential because of what it represents. It means that you and your team are the best. It means that you were tested by other similar teams but yours came out on top. Who doesn’t want to be recognized as the best in their field? Do you know what’s even better than a team trophy? You guessed it; an individual medal!

Picture this; you are an athlete. You work hard the whole year. Waking up early, spending the whole day at the field, missing all your favorite TV shows, going to bed sore. Then the D-day comes. You compete with other athletes who have worked just as hard as you. Towards the end of the race it is really tight. Your lungs are almost giving up on you, your legs are almost going on strike. Your nearest competitor is not giving up easily. So you give it your all. And guess what? You win! You are tired, your heart is almost beating out of your chest, but it’s all worth it. You proved you are the best.   Imagine if after all that, the organizers simply shook your hand, congratulated you and wished you a safe journey?

Let’s just say it wouldn’t be as satisfying to win. That’s where medals come in. They give you something physical to represent your victory. You can take a medal home and show it that uncle who always said you were not cut out for running. You can display it at your home as a sign or your achievement. A sign that you went, you saw, you conquered.

If you are an organizer for any sporting event, do not deny your participants the joy of being awarded a medal for their efforts.

At PINSBUY, we will hook you up with all sorts of medals that you may require for your event. We will customize them for you so that they say exactly what your event represents. We will put in the image you want, the words and everything else in great detail.

We will make any kind you prefer, from the classics (gold, silver and bronze) to any other you may need. They can be for any game or any sport but we still guarantee a great job. No matter the size of your order, just know that you can rely on us. We also make the ribbon on the medal, and that too can be personalized to have the colors and patterns you want.

So we have established that medals are very important to the life of an athlete. We have also established that PINSBUY is your best source for customized medals. Why not contact us today and we will give you quality medals at a very affordable price?!

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