Enamel Pin Production Time and Pricing

Based on difference making process, different style of pin requires different production time. Generally, for a same design, hard enamel pin requires more production time than soft enamel pin. The comparison is as below:

Plated Hard Enamel Pin > Dyed Hard Enamel Pin> Plated Soft Enamel Pin > Dyed Soft Enamel Pin.

Please be in mind that comparison is based on same design, same quantity. It is meaningless to compare production time of different designs & quantity. Surly a soft enamel pin with 15 colors requires more production time than a hard enamel pin with 1 colors.


Wow, here comes to the most important part. I think price is the most attractive content in my article. I speculate that majority of my readers will scroll down web page, directly aim to this part. Yes, price sensitive is an important character for independent pin designer, event planner, promo gift supplier .etc.

As you know there are many factors to effect pin price. In general, pin design complexity, plating color, colors numbers on pin, pin size, they all effect price. It is hard to explain it in detail. You could refer blow simply comparison in most occasion.

Plated Hard enamel > Dyed Hard Enamel >Plated Soft Enamel > Dyed Soft Enamel. Please also be noted that above comparison is based on same design with same quantity.

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