How to Place Order on PINSBUY.COM

Place order on PINSBUY.COM is no different from placing order on any other online store. It’s easy and quick. Let’s say you’d like to make a custom soft enamel pin, just follow below steps:


You may click the login button on right side of the home page or you may go to the account page: (https://pinsbuy.com/my-account/) Then is will show a login/register form for full fill.

Register and Login on PINSBUY.COM

You could either register with a email address or register with exist social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google and Linkedin.

Login & Register Form For Fullfill - PINSBUY.COM

After the account is register, you could go to product page: https://pinsbuy.com/product/soft-enamel-pin

On the product page you can see lot of options to select. Don’t be panic, there is only 4 MUST selection that requires your decision. Other can be left empty and we will offer default option.

How to Place order on Pinsbuy

Now let’s go though them one by one


SIZE: You can make pin within 0.5-3 inch. If your pin size goes smaller or bigger, production difficulty increases and defective percentage goes higher so we do not support place order online for these pins. You will need to contact us by Email for special size pin. (support@pinsbuy.com,)

QUANTITY: The minimum order quantity is 50pcs per design and the max order quantity is 1000pcs for online orders. If you need more, you will have to contact us by email.

COLORS: You can choose up to 15 colors on a pin design. Still, if more than 15 then go to us by email.

PLATING COLOR: we have 11 plating color available for online orders. 

After the THREE MUST is done, we will go to some options that are less important.

Accessories: there are 9 accessory options for chose from. Butterfly clutch/rubber clutch are the default options.

Additionally, if you need some special effect for the pin such as glow in dark, glitter, cutout, backing card. Etc. You will need to check the YES box (show as below)

Need Extra Options for PIN Order - PINSBUY.COM

Then there will jump out more special options:

Glitter Glow Cutout Options for Soft Enamel Pin - PINSBUY.COM

Just choose them one by one. The price changes based on your selected option.


After all is done. There shows a final price. For example, you will need 100pcs of 2 inch height, Black dye soft enamel pin with 8 colors, you will also need 2 glitter colors on it. Then select the needed options, it shows like this:

Shows Finale Price After All selection is Done - PINSBUY.COM

The total cost is USD316.8. Now you could click the ‘paypal buy now’ button to place the order. You could also pay by stripe if available. Or you could add it to cart and check out later.

When you goes checkout, there need to full fill your billing details. If you need us to ship your pin to different address, you will need to check the ship to different address box and it jumps out a form for you to enter your new address.


Now the work need to be done by your side is almost done. There is one most important thing is to upload your design. There are many places for you to upload your design during your order placing process.

A. Design can be uploaded on product page, see below:

Upload Design on Product Page - PINSBUY.COM

B. Design can be uploaded when you check product in the cart, see below:

Upload Pin Design on Checkout Page - PINSBUY.COM

C. Design can be uploaded on checkout page:

Upload Pin Design on Checkout Page 2 - PINSBUY.COM

D. Upload design after payment is made

Find the order tab in MY ACCOUNT page, click it then you will be able to see all your orders.

Find Order in My Account Page - PINSBUY.COM
View My Order - PINSBUY.COM

Click the ‘VIEW’ button, the order details show up. Then scroll down to the upload file part: 


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