How to Make a Producible Enamel Pin Design

As we all know there are gaps between design word and real word. We can turn almost any design into pin but firstly need to ensure the design is producible. So how to make sure the design is producible?

There are 3 measure ways:

A. If the design is easy to produce

When I say producible design, it means the design is easy to produce. The production process is within our current pin making process, no need extra works.

As you know know working flow lines helps to increase production efficiency and lower production cost. If your pin’s production process stick with our current working flow, less production time is needed and cost is most economic.

It is important to keep balance between fancy design and production efficiency & cost. If the pin design requires production steps that out of our current working flow, it will slow down entire work speed.

B. If the design is within tool limitation.

C. If the design follows pins main principle.

There are 2 main principle in enamel pin sector:

  1. Colors will be rapped by metal lines for enamel pins.
  2. Enamel pin is unable to show gradient colors

If your design follows 3 rules above, it is definitely a nice design that is ready for production. Then let’s make it into pin on PINSBUY.COM

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